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Hawaiian sea salt is 100% harvested from the Hawaiian waters that surround the island of Hawaii. Pa’akai means salt.

Our Hawaiian spice has a crunchy texture that is suitable for culinary or table use. As you use this product, it adds a remarkable flavor that supports any recipe.

Big Island Spice Company is motivated by the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. We know that healthy cooking is essential to our bodies. Our ingredients are selected carefully, these are handpicked, herbs and spices that bring a unique flavor to the foods we eat. This product allows us to cook in a simplistic way that will encourage families and individuals to find comfort in cooking, positive conversations and healthy habits that are of the island of Hawaii. 


  Hawaiian Spice Package      
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2.00 oz

Price $3.50 each
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  Hawaiian Spice Organic  
3.75 oz Price $6.50 Each   
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Organic blend has the same uses yet seems to have a little more barbecue scent. Choosing organic just reminds us of how important our mind, body and souls are. Consciencely selecting the ingredients for this combination allows us to add local fresh picked herbs that are carefully handled and spices that are blended with full aromatic strength from natural growers from around the world.
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  Hawaiian Spice Original
   3.75 oz Price $5.75 each      
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Original-Foods have their own beautiful flavors, our blend brings our the best of it's flavors through each dished created. This is a wonderful rub for any steak or hamburgers, with nothing else needed. Sprinkle a small pinch on corn and any type potatoes. A small pinch goes a long way.
The unique combination of herbs and spices we have chosen, really awakens most foods. Also, try a pinch on eggs or even in soups. Every time you cook, they will always return for more.
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  Hawaiian Spice 5% Salt
  2.0 oz   Price $6.25 each    
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 5% seasoning has the same wonderful flavors that can be used in larger quantities, as the chosen herbs and spices continue add unique flavors to your food. It might be a hint of heat from the Southeast or the distinctive aromatic sense that complements the sweetness of foods from the Mediterranean region.
This is a good complement to top any last minute dishes. I especially like it on my salads or any cooked vegetable. Baked breads, steamed rice or tortillas. 

  Hawaiian Spice refill for jar      
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3.75 oz refill for jar

Price $5.00 each
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